Friday, October 28, 2011

Italian Day is the Best!

From the Preps ......
On Thursday we had Italian Day. We had lots of activities about Italy.
We dressed up in togas just like the Romans did. Some of us were dressed as slaves.
We watched a very funny play about two slaves who got a chance to be strong and brave gladiators.
Then we ran a marathon around the school. We were tired!
After the marathon we made laurel wreaths and Mrs Kennedy took photos of us.
Next we had a soccer clinic with Daniel and Steve. We learnt some soccer skills like kicking the ball with the inside of our foot and using your head to hit the ball, but not your hands.
Then we had margarita pizza and gelati for lunch! Yum! Yum!
After lunch we made busts of ourselves with salt clay. A bust is like a sculpture of your head and shoulders. We took them home to paint when they are dry.

I liked Italian Day because we got to have pizza. Oscar
We liked Italian Day because we had a marathon and I have never run in a marathon. Georgia
On Italian Day I had fun because we had a soccer clinic and I haven't played soccer before. Andy
Italian Day was my favourite special time of the year because we got to have gelati and pizza. Molly
On Italian day we watched a very funny show and it was about Italy. Will P
On Italian Day we made busts of our heads. A bust is a sculpture of your head. Kirra
Italian Day was the best day ever because we got to do lots of things like run a marathon and play soccer. Caoimhe
I learnt that in the middle of Italy is the city of Rome. Senora Senzo told us. Matthew
In the play Mario had to fight his friend because that was his challenge to prove that he was strong. Sienna
At school I liked the funny play because one of the actors put funny glasses on Riley. Will H
I liked Italian Day because I liked the funny show and they did funny acting. Eva
I loved the pizza because it was delicious! Vivienne
I liked Italian Day because we did running and soccer. Aerodyne

Italian Day on PhotoPeach

Italian Day is the best! on PhotoPeach

Thank you Signora Senzo for a fantastic day!

Do you celebrate Italian Day?


  1. The Preps were definitely fantastic Romans!!! I loved your costumes. I loved the pizza too!!! Thank goodness lots of Italians came to live in Australia and taught us to cook wonderful pizza and pasta!

    Mrs Yore

  2. Hello Preps,

    I saw the photos and now I've seen the video of your Italian Day. I think Italian Day would have been one of amazing fun with the bonus of gelato and pizza.

    I read through all of your comments. I can see people liked all sorts of things from the day.

    I have never been in a school which holds an Italian Day but I have been in schools which held Multicultural Days.

    On multicultural days, people brought in foods from around the world. There would be dancing, singing and the yummy fun of trying all the foods.

    Keep up the great posts, Preps.

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

  3. Well Preps, you certainly looked like you enjoyed Italian Day! All those red, white and green clothes as well as togas made you look like you were in Italy in the old days!! All of the activities sound fabulous, and your smiles showed you loved doing them!
    Mrs Bellesini

  4. Mrs Molly and WillNovember 1, 2011 at 8:19 PM

    My goodness, you Preps have been busy again! You never stop...(except for the bit when you had a snooze on the hill after the marthon! I don't blame you!!)

  5. Hi Mrs Molly and Will
    I loved the marathon. Did you
    like the marathon?
    From Oscar.

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  7. Dear Preps

    I enjoyed looking at your amazing
    pictures you have done.
    i love your blog.
    From Adol

  8. Hi Mr Mannell
    We liked your comment. It was very good. I liked the pizza.
    From Vivienne

  9. Dear Mrs Yore
    we liked your comment. We enjoyed your comment. Italian day was fun. from Georgia.

  10. Dear Mrs Bellisini
    thank you for your comment.
    I liked Italian Day.
    from Kirra.

  11. Hi Prep K

    I can't believe how busy you and Prep S have been!
    Wow an Italian day. What is the reason behind having an Italian day? We have cultural days and when it is the Olympics, Commonwealth Games or Sports events like the RWC etc each class supports a country.
    But I don't remember us having a special day to support just one country or culture.

    You packed so much into your day as well. I feel tired just looking at all the amazing things that you got up to.

    Were parents invited to come along and participate in the events?

    We are having our cross country event on Friday but it is just a little event where we run around the field and parents come along to cheer us on. It is also mathathon testing on Friday. The children have been getting sponsors to sponsor them based on how many correct answers they get. Next Friday is Grandparents day and our Grandparents can come and visit us for the day. It is great fun. We will fill you in with more information next week.

    Wow, did you enjoy the Melbourne Cup? I can't believe how close that race was. It would have been very tense if you had placed bets on either of those two horses.

    Enjoy your weekend
    From Mrs Laburn and kids with a view

  12. Italian Day looks like lots of fun and pizza is always good after a looong marathon run. You all looked very Roman in your togas!


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