Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Wonder ..... What happens when we look through our coloured glasses?

Today we made some glasses so that we could look at our world in a different way. We decorated them and chose some cellophane to put over the lenses.
Before we went out to explore, we thought about how our playground might look. Would we see different colours? How would the colour of our glasses change the colours we saw?

Here are the discoveries we made:

Hamish discovered that green glasses didn’t change much.

Nothing changed in the playground with green glasses. Nicholas

Mia discovered everything looked pink through the red glasses.

Kobe discovered that the playground, which is blue, looks purple through the red glasses.

The running track is red and when we looked through red glasses it was orange. Aly

Green leaves change to yellowy-green when you look through yellow glasses. Hannah B

Everything looks yellow when you wear yellow glasses. Bethany

The blue bin looks purple when you look through red glasses. Hannah A

The red mushrooms turned green when I looked through green glasses. Ben

The sky is pink through red glasses. Matthew

The yellow paper looked orange and the blue paper looked purple looking through red glasses. Annie

Enjoy our photos:
Colour My World! on PhotoPeach


  1. Hi Prep K!
    This is Peter (Nicholas' brother from Junior S).
    I liked your video of the coloured glasses - it looked awesome!
    I also really like your blog.
    Have a great day,
    From Peter Vastianos

  2. WoW, I loved the funky glasses that you made Prep K. I tried Hannah's on when she got home and she turned RED!
    Kirsty A

  3. HI Preps
    Loved your coloured glasses! it was great to see everyone going home with them yesterday. You are doing some wonderful work in Prep and learning amazing things. Well Done everyone!!

  4. It was funny when you told me I was GREEN and then someone else told me I was pick and my top was PURPLE, when it was BLUE. Isn't it fun mixing colours and seeing what happens. Have you mixed any colours with paint to see if things change?
    Mrs Bellesini


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