Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rabbit Discoveries!

We are very excited to be having some rabbits in our classroom next week. We will be able to watch them grow and change.

We were wondering what we needed to do to get ready for our rabbits so we asked two of our Grade 6 buddies who have rabbits to come and talk to us.
First we brainstormed some questions to ask our guest speakers who are 'experts' in caring for pet rabbits - thank you so much Chloe and Amy!

Listening to experts is a great way to learn!

Our special guest 'experts'
We have discovered so many things about rabbits - here are our discoveries:

I learnt that rabbits need hay in their hutch to keep them warm. Aly

I discovered that rabbits eat a lot of broccoli and carrots. Hamish

I discovered that rabbits drink water. Hannah B

I discovered that rabbits don't just stay in cages they need exercise everyday. Hannah A

I discovered that rabbits eat more than just carrots they eat lots of vegetables. Ben

I learnt that rabbits are not allowed to eat meat. Matthew

I discovered rabbits hop a lot. Bethany

I learnt that bunnies need sleep so when they get up in the morning they have lots of energy. Mia

I discovered that rabbits sleep with their eyes open. Annie

I discovered that baby rabbits are called kittens. Tom

Rabbits grow up because they have sleep, vegetables and water. Zachary

 I discovered that rabbits like to be cuddled but you have to be careful because they might scratch you. Nicholas

 We discovered that a female rabbit is called a doe and a male rabbit is called a buck . Prep K

What do you know about caring for rabbits?
Do you know any other facts about rabbits?


  1. Thanks Prep K, I have learned so many things about rabbits.

    I look forward to meeting those bunnies in your classroom next week. :)


  2. We will have to be very queit in Positive Ed next week while the rabbit and her kittens get used to being in their new home. Can't wait to see them!
    Mrs Bellesini :)

  3. How exciting Preps! We have two rabbits in our block. We have learnt that one of the most healthy things for rabbits to eat is their own hay. The vet told us that the rabbit food that you buy from the shop is a little bit like rabbit lollies. So it is best to give them hay and fresh vegetables.


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