Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Rabbits have arrived!

Finally our rabbits have arrived! We have Ruby (the mother - doe) and six beautiful babies (kittens).
Here are some photos - stay tuned for more over the coming weeks.

six kittens - only 3 days old

Mum Ruby

Ruby was munching on some hay


  1. Hi Prep K.

    You must be very excited that your rabbits have finally arrived. I hope you enjoy watching them grow. Rachael

  2. Hi Prep K,
    Your little rabbits and so cute. I cant wait to come in to your class and visit them one morning.
    From Peter - Junior S (Nicholas' brother)

  3. Hello Prep K,

    We are Orange Group frpm Reception at Barlow Hall Primary,England. We are one of your quad-blogging friends.

    Your rabbirs are beautiful. They will be hopping around soon!

    We have class pets too - we have two guinea pigs called Jam and Peanut. Peanut is brown and Jam is white. They live in a cage in our classroom.

    Our guinea pigs are very greedy! They like to eat carrots and tomatoes best.

    We are going to send some pictures of our school to you soon.

    From Orange Group, Barlow Hall Primary, England.

  4. Hi Prep K. I can't wait to meet the new bunnies. Do the kittens have names yet? They are very, very small. I'm sure you will all do a great job looking after them. Barb (Tom's Mum.)

  5. Hello Prep K,

    Your Mummy Rabbit Ruby is beautiful and so are her six gorgeous baby bunnies (kittens). How wonderful to hear from your friends in England and that they have guinea pigs in their classroom. Can't wait to cuddle the bunnies. Susan B - Hannah B's Mum

  6. Hi Prep K

    Beautiful baby bunnies. they are so cute. I am looking forward to meeting them. You have to come up with some good names for them.

    Colin ( Mia's dad)

  7. Rose B Fieldhead Carr Leeds England, I like the rabbits because they are so cute!!!

  8. Dylan Fieldhead Carr Leeds England: Where do you keep the rabbits outside or inside? What are you going to do with the 6 babies?

  9. Jacob H Fieldhead Carr, Leeds England, what names have you given to the 6 baby rabbits?

  10. Alex Fieldhead Carr Leeds England: How long do you think it will take for the baby rabbits to grow?

  11. Hello Prep K,

    We are Prep from St Aloysius.

    We liked looking at your rabbits. The rabbits are cute.

    We didn't know baby rabbits were called kittens.

    What do baby rabbits eat? What can baby rabbits do? Do they have names yet?

    From your quadblogging friends in Queenscliff


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