Thursday, April 26, 2012

Responsible Pet Ownership

For our Inquiry this term our big questions are:

What do living things need to grow and change?
How can we help care for animals in need?

This week we had a visit from our local Veterinarian nurses Erin and Tara. They brought along their beautiful labrador Kirri. Erin and Tara told us how to care for a dog and how to be safe if you meet a dog without its owner.
We learnt that dogs need water, food, exercise and loving care.

Checking for healthy teeth!

Who is the new vet ready for surgery?
Checking Kirri's heart.

Make yourself as small as you can if you meet a dog without its owner.

Thank you Erin, Tara and Kirri!

Prep K brainstormed some questions to ask the Vet nurses about what a Vet does.

Fantastic questions and wonderings Prep!


  1. Dear Prep K

    What great questions you have all brainstormed! I'm sure they helped you to find out lots of interesting information from Erin and Tara.

    You were very lucky to have a visit for Kirri as well. Did Kirri have healthy teeth and a strong heart beat?

    We are very lucky to have caring vets and nurses to help us to look after our pets.

    I wonder how many children in Prep K have a pet?

    Miss Y :)

  2. Hi Preps,
    What a wonderful experience having the visit from Kirri and the Vet nurses. I wonder which pet is the favourite in PrepK. I predict cats will be the favourite.
    Great learning Preps

    Kirsty A

  3. Hello Miss Y,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Yes Kirri did have healthy teeth and a stong heart beat. Kirri's owner Erin is a very responsible pet owner. She looks after Kirri very well.

    Nine Preps have pets. They are cats, dogs, fish, rabbits and guinea pigs.

    Have a happy day!
    From Prep K

  4. Hello Kirsty,

    Thanks for your comment!

    We made a people graph about our pets and you were right! Your prediction about cats was correct. Five Preps have a cat for a pet (and Mrs Kennedy does too!)

    Have a lovely day
    From Prep K

  5. Hi Prep K, How exciting seeing Kirri - how did she feel Hannah B when you gave her a pat? What a beautiful black doggie. Does your pussy cat feel as soft as Kirri? Great learning Prep K about how to look after your beautiful animals. Love Susan B.


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