Thursday, July 19, 2012

Balloon Rockets!

Today we made balloon rockets. We followed a procedure and had lots of fun! When we had finished we worked with a partner to 'share the pencil' and write about what we did.  

When you work with a partner you can help each other with spelling, remembering spaces between words, capital letters and full stops.  

Tom predicted that the air we put in the balloon would help it move along the string. Well done Tom!

Kobe decided to write a procedure about how to make a balloon rocket. Mrs Kennedy was his partner and here is their writing using ShowMe on the iPad (another great free tool to support learning).


How does working with others help you to learn?


  1. Hi Guys, It was so exciting watching your balloons fly along the string - just like magic! I wonder what would happen if your balloon had some water or glitter in it? Would it still work? Great sharing and helping each other too. Well done. Susan B

  2. Preps, It looks like you have so much fun learning at school. I think I might try a balloon rocket at home. I'll use your instructions. I'll get Tom's help if I need it. Thanks for teaching me. Barb P.

  3. Hi Preps

    By making predictions about the actions of your balloon rockets, working together and then writing procedures about your experiments, you show how you are true scientists.
    Well done!!

    Ms Scott

  4. Dear Preps,
    Those Balloon Rockets look and sound fantastic!!
    You worked together really well.


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