Thursday, July 26, 2012

Learning from an expert.

We were very lucky to have one of our Mums, Jacqui, come and talk to us about healthy food and how important it is for a happy and healthy life.  

I didn't know that apples from the tree are the healthiest apples and I didn't know that fruit has a little bit of sugar in it. Aly

I learnt that vegetables are healthy for you. Bethany

I didn't know that there was a rainbow of foods. Nicholas

A rainbow of foods is all the different kinds of fruit and vegetables you can have. Mia

I learnt that carrots can be purple and yellow. Matthew

I didn't know that McDonalds and junk food isn't healthy. They are 'sometimes' food not 'all the time' food. Kobe

Thank you Jacqui for sharing your passion for healthy food with us.
We learnt so much!


  1. Hi prep k,

    I know that fruit and vegetables are very
    very healthy for you.

    from BETHANY and HER Dad

  2. Hello Prep K,

    I think your comments about healthy food are very interesting.

    In my yard, we gather fresh vegetables from our vegetable garden, apples from our apple trees and oranges from our orange tree when they are grown. Have you ever noticed how much better they are than what we buy in shops? My neighbour’s daughter particularly likes our fresh squeezed orange juice when she comes to stay when her mother has to be away.

    What does HEALTHY mean to me?

    Healthy means being able to do all things in life to our best ability. We need good food and exercise to help us do our best.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  3. Last winter, we tried a new fruit at our house. It was called a blood orange. They look a little surprising when you cut them open but, they are SO delicious! Maybe Mrs K will bring one to show you!

    Mrs Y


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