Monday, July 23, 2012

Taking risks - Having a go!

Along with learning about healthy food, we have been talking about how taking risks helps us to learn. Today we had a taste test of healthy foods that were a little different. We had dates, figs, lemon, lime, pomegranate, kiwi fruit and dried apricot
Some Preps had not tried these foods before - Mrs Kennedy was so proud of all the Preps because everyone had a go. We had to draw a smiley face or a sad face on our record sheet to show if we enjoyed the food or did not enjoy the food. 
Preps - talk to your families about the foods you tried. Tell them the ones you liked and the ones you did not.

Why is it important to take risks? 
How does it help you to learn?


  1. Hi Prep K

    Well done for taking a risk and trying some new foods! I hope you discovered a new food to enjoy eating. I haven't had a pomegranate before so I wonder what one tastes like.

    This afternoon I had an example of taking a risk. One of our Grade 2 boys came to the library to borrow after school. He told me had had found some new books he liked to read. I have a sign in our library to encourage people to try a book they haven't read before because they might find new books to read. That's what happened and now he is enjoying the Beast Quest books!

    Miss Y :)

  2. Well done Prep K for taking a risk and having a go. It sounds like you had lots of fun trying the different types of food - some of them quite yummy others not so. Hannah had a go at eating her dinner tonight - Tuna and pasta bake with peas and corn - she said it was really yummy even though she didn't really like peas. Well done Hannah. Love Mummy xo


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