Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Healthy Sandwiches!

We are beginning this term by investigating what helps us to be healthy. We thought about healthy foods and what we need to make a healthy sandwich. 

We are very lucky to have Woolworths (a supermarket) just down the road. So we wrote a shopping list (healthy foods only) and set off to buy our healthy ingredients. Some of our mums came with us - thanks mums!
Our shopping list - thanks Mia!
We learnt so much at Woolworths!


When we came back to school we made our healthy sandwiches. 
Yum! Yum! Here we are eating our scrumptious sandwiches!

This term we are also thinking about taking risks and how that helps us to learn. These Preps tried some new foods today - here are their reflections:

I ate some carrot and I did not like it. I have never had carrot before. Tom

I had some celery and I liked it and I think I 'll have celery again. Aly

I haven't had capsicum and I tried it and now I like it. I will have it lots of times. Mia

I had mushroom and i didn't like it because it had a strong taste. Hannah B

I tried mushroom and capsicum. I didn't like the mushroom because I didn't like the taste. The capsicum was good. Bethany

I liked the mushrooms because they tasted good. I haven't had mushrooms before and I will have them again. Matthew

I tried cucumber and I will try it again because I liked it. Annie

I tried tomato and celery. I liked the tomato and the celery because they didn't have a strong taste. I will try them again. Ben

Why is it good to try new things?
Have you tried something new or different today?
What did you learn?


  1. Hi Prep K, Your trip to Woolys looked like so much fun. I got very hungry looking at all those yummy, healthy sandwiches you made. Great job! Susan B

  2. Hi prep k

    Now I will have more healthy food every day.


  3. Hi Preps! What a great learning experience! I love eating sandwiches. It is very important to try new things. When I was young, I hated eating cabbage and now I love it and it is very healthy.

    Miss Lepou

  4. Hi Preps
    Hannah A learnt all about making a healthy sandwich after the visit to Woolworths she even made me a sandwich when she came home and it was yummy!!
    Great work everyone
    Kirsty A

  5. It was great to see your healthy sandwiches Prep. I'm glad I've learnt to hide the carrot in Tom's dinner, as it seems he doesn't like it. I wonder if he'll taste it next time? Barb P


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