Friday, June 14, 2013

Preps Take Action!

Over the term we have learnt so much about caring for animals and what living things need to grow and change. We know that most living things need food, water, shelter, exercise, rest, and friends.

We discovered that there are people in our community who do not have enough to eat and sometimes do not have a warm bed to sleep in. So we talked about what we could do to help these people and we came up with lots of ideas. Here they are:

Give some food
Put our money in a box and give it to the people
Give up some of the things we have
Go to the bank and get money
Raise some money for the poor people
Plant some beans
Sing a song and people put in money
Have a fair with lots of stuff
Make a circus
Have a movie night
Bring food from home to sell – cakes, biscuits
Do chores to earn some money

We had to go through our list and work out something we could do together to help people in our community. We decided to choose collecting food to give to the St. Vincent De Paul Society who help many struggling families.

Mrs Kennedy invited Margaret who volunteers for St Vinnie's, to share some of the work she and her friends do to help out. Margaret was very happy to hear that we were collecting food to help others. This is what we learnt from Margaret.

St Vincent De Paul gives vouchers to poor people to buy food.

St. Vinnie's helps families, school children, young people, homeless people and children from overseas.

Some people in our community don't have food.

St. Vincent De Paul helps people pay some of their electricity and water and phone bills.

St Vinnie's have a shop in Ringwood where they sell clothes and household goods.

We collected non-perishable foods all this week. We made posters to put around the school to remind everyone about our action. Each afternoon a group of Preps make an announcement to ask everyone to bring some food items.

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Why is it important to help others?


  1. Well done Preps and SRC, on spreading the message in our school, that we can all do our part to help others.

    There are lots of things we can do to help others. I like to visit my very old friend who is very lonely. It's just a little thing but it's very big to her because she is so lonely.

    Mrs Yore

  2. HI there Preps!
    I love what you have been doing for St Vinnie's. You are very clever to come up with so many great ideas and I think it was fantastic that you were able to put an announcement over to the whole school. We are going to be collecting groceries and blankets for St Vinnie's next term. I wonder if we will do as good a job as you have? I really hope so.
    Keep up the great work,
    5/6 teacher at Holy Spirit

  3. It is important to help others because it will make them happy

  4. I think that the poor people will be happy when they get the food that we collected for them. From Declan

  5. Hi Preps

    Bravo! On all the work you have done and learning you have achieved.
    Like Jesus says, "do unto others as you'd have them do unto you". I think we also help people because there may be times when we want help ourselves.

  6. Great work by the SRC, it is better to give than receive!

  7. Hi preps good work.

    from Caoimhe Cormacs sister


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