Saturday, June 1, 2013

Responsible Pet Ownership

Last week Melinda came to school with her beautiful dog Kato. She came to talk to us about being a responsible pet owner and all the things pets need to be happy and healthy. We learnt when we should not approach a dog and things that might scare a dog.
Melinda also taught us how to be safe if we meet a dog that is angry and its owner is not around. We must follow four steps:

Stand very still.
Hands down by your side

Be as quiet as a mouse.
Look at the ground.
When the dog goes away, walk slowly backwards and go on your way. 
If we see a dog and its owner, there are special steps we need to follow if we would like to pat the dog.

Walk up slowly and stop.
Ask the owner - "May I pat your dog?"

Hold your fist out to let the dog smell it.
Then gently stroke the dogs back.
Kato was such a lovely dog - she even gave some of the Preps kisses (licks) on their hands. 
It was wonderful to hear the Preps use the discoveries they had made at the RSPCA and all they had learnt from looking after the chicks to make connections with the learning Melinda presented.

Kato was very gentle

We had to be quiet and gentle too!
Thank you Melinda and Kato!

Preps tell your family something you discovered from meeting Melinda and Kato.


  1. I learned that dogs like to be left alone when eating/ playing with their puppies, if disturbed can be upset and bite. Dogs wiggle their tails when happy; Chantelle

  2. I discovered that you shouldn't tease a dog because they might bite you. From Declan

  3. I learnt when a dog is asleep you must leave them alone.Olivia

  4. I learnt that if you see an angry dog you should look down at the ground and put your hands by your side. I also learnt that if you see a dog with its owner you should ask the owner first and then let the dog sniff your hand, you have to make sure your thumb is tucked in so the dog doesn't think there is a little sausage!!!- Eva


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