Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mrs Splishy-sploshy!

This week we have been reading all about 'Mrs Wishy-washy' written by one of our favourite authors Joy Cowley.
Together we have created a text innovation called Mrs Splishy-sploshy! We drew our pictures in Tux paint and then wrote our story. Everyone practised their part of the story and then we recorded it on Voicethread.
We tried very hard to use expression and speak smoothly (no bumps).
We hope you enjoy our story!

Do you think we have spoken smoothly and with expression?

Have you ever innovated a text? Tell us about it. 


  1. Oh Preps,
    You made me laugh and smile and giggle!

    I love your story, your expressions were amazing and I think your TuxPaint artwork is fantastic too!!


    Mrs Coffa

  2. Hello Preps

    I loved your text innovation based on Mrs Wishy-washy. I think that you all spoke smoothly and your voices sounded great as you read each page. Your drawings looked terrific and I giggled lots as I listened to the story ending.


    Mrs S

  3. Hello Preps,

    What wonderful illustrations for your story. Being able to innovate a story based on one by a favourite author is a wonderful skill.

    What also impressed me was the quality of your reading. You all spoke clearly and I could hear the expression in your voices. Expression in reading not only makes a story more interesting for a listener, it helps the listener better understand how a character in the story is feeling.

    I'm very glad Mrs Splishy-sploshy came along. You would have been a very muddy mess returning to the class without her help. :)

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

  4. Hi Preps,

    I was very impressed with the very colourful artwork you made for your Mrs. Splishy Sploshy story.

    I noticed that lots of you used a very interesting voice and you spoke smoothly. I loved all of the actions too!

    Keep up the fantastic work!
    From Ms. Tieppo and 2TM

  5. Prep K .. what a great story and so beautifully read! You made me laugh with such great illustrations and expression! Thank you so much for sharing your story!

  6. Hi Prep K
    What materials did you use to make "mrs Splishy-sploshy!!!"
    Will B

  7. Hello Prep K and Mrs Kennedy,

    My, my, you have all been getting very dirty in the mud!

    I absolutely loved your Mrs Splishy Sploshy story. What a great idea Mrs Kennedy! We read Mrs Wishy Washy this year too and we did some lovely art work about it that we can show you next time we Skype. We followed a procedural text to make our Mrs Wishy Washys.

    When I was listening to the story I couldn't wait to get to the end when you were all going to get in the bath.

    Your voices were very smooth with lots of expression, well done! I loved all the different ways you got into the mud. If I was to write a sentence I would write, "Oh lovely mud," said Miss Webster, "and she did some singing in it." (I love singing, that is why I chose that one).

    I can't wait to show my class on Monday, they will love it!

    Love your friend,
    Miss Webster.


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