Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our Buddies teaching us about photography!

Our buddies have learnt from a professional photographer how to take a 'considered image'. There is a lot to think about when taking a photo. Our buddies shared what they have learnt about photography with us today.

Worms eye view

Check your shot!

Hold the camera steady!
Here are some of the things we learnt:

Will P
My buddy told me what a good background is. A good background is plants like trees and bushes.

My buddy taught me about birds eye view and I took a picture doing it. Birds eye view is when you look down at the camera.

I learnt how to keep the camera still. You put your left foot forward and your right foot back. Then you push the button down hard and take the photo.

My buddies taught me how to take a photo by worms eye view and worms eye view means you get down on the ground and take a photo.

I learnt from my buddy that when you take a photo you put your camera close up for a small object and when you take a big object you take steps back.

I learnt what a snapshot is from my buddies. A snapshot is when you take a picture really quickly.

My buddies taught me not to have too much sunlight in the background because sometimes you can't see what the picture is.

I learnt that when you have a dark place and you are close it makes a fuzzy photo.

I learnt that if you want to take a photo of something tall you can turn the camera around. (from Andy - landscape to portrait)

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  1. Mrs Molly and WillOctober 20, 2011 at 7:46 PM

    I will try to remember all these terrific tips when I am using my camera over the weekend! Thanks Preps!!


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