Friday, October 21, 2011

Welcome back!

We wanted to send a welcome back to school message to our friends in New Zealand - Room 3!
We would also like to wish the All Blacks good luck on Sunday!


  1. What a wonderful post to send your friends, especially when you sang a very Aussie G'day to them. If Australia can't be in the finals, GO ALL BLACKS!

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

  2. Hi I am from kids with a view.
    I like your gidday song.
    It was great.

  3. Hi Jacey

    It was fun doing the gidday song. Did the class like it?

    from Will P and Caoimhe.

  4. Hi learning together I like your gidday song. I think Mrs Laburn should teach it to us.

  5. Hi Will and Caoimhe
    Yes Room 3 loved your singing.
    Thank your for welcome back to school message.
    We are learning about celebrations.

  6. That is cool! I love the song because you are excellent at singing and did you did it all by yourselves and thank you for saying go the AB's. They won!

  7. I like your song because it is so cool. I like how you said go the All Blacks! The All Blacks won the cup.

  8. Hi learning together
    I like your gidday song because you used good expression and you were facing the camera and not wriggling.
    Good job learning together.

  9. Hi learning Together your song is fabulous because you put expression into your voice.

  10. Hi prep k
    The gidday song was cool because you used expression.
    Did you do it by yourselves? Did you learn that song in Kindergarten or preschool? Does everyone know how to sing gidday in Australia because it is an Australian song? We are learning about Diwali.

  11. Hi prep k I like your gidday song because it is cool and you used expression and it was good and you did it all by yourselves. Was it fun when you sang it?

  12. Hi Learning together I like your video because I like your song .
    I want to learn your gidday song.
    Do all the Australian people know how to sing giddy?

  13. Hi Mrs kennedy In the holidays I went to pools I did
    bombs and we had fun at the pools on Saturday.

  14. I like how you sang that gidday song because you used good expression and it was great too!

  15. Hi learning together
    I like your song because it had expression and nice words.

  16. Hi learning together tonight in Auckland it is going to be Halloween. Are you having halloween in Australia? I am not going trick or treating are you?

  17. Hi Bradie
    We do have Halloween in Australia and it seems to be coming more popular. We have noticed that there have been more 'trick or treaters' in the neghbourhood. Some of the Preps went trick or treating - we were a little distracted by our big horse race the Melbourne Cup.
    From Prep K

  18. Hi Mrs Kennedy
    I like the song they sang because the song had a guitar playing in the background. I like how they sang go the All Blacks. You did cross country and I didn't win in the cross country. My friend won the cross country. We have to run around the field twice and it was hard for me but it was easy for my friend. When we were year zeros I was second. I wanted the All Blacks to win the cup and when it was the final it was All Black and france and we won!
    From Alvin Kids with a view


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