Tuesday, October 25, 2011

That's Entertainment!

Last night we had our school concert - That's Entertainment! We were very excited about performing in front of our families and friends. The Preps danced to, and sang songs from Toy Story. We dressed up as toys and did a fantastic job dancing and singing.


  1. Dear Preps,

    What a fantastic concert theme! You all looked fantastic in your 'toy' costumes - and it also looked like you had a great time, too!

    Miss Galvin
    (Teacher from Heidelberg Primary School, Melbourne)

  2. Dear Miss Galvin,

    We had fun and dressed up as toys. I was Jessie the yodelling cowgirl. (Molly)

    We had a great time. It was great dressing up. We thought it was fantastic. We got together because we had to do 'Fame' with the whole school. (Andy)

    The concert was great because we sang 'You've Got a Friend in Me!' and I was Little Bo Peep. (Sienna)

    From your friends in Prep K

  3. Hi Prep K

    Oh my goodness! You all looked absolutely fabulous in your costumes for "Toy Story"!

    You must have been SO excited being up on the stage to sing and dance for everyone. I'm sure your mums and dads and Mrs K were very proud of you.

    What were some of your favourite things about your concert?

    We do our concert every two years It's time for our concert next year and it will be lots of hard work and fun.

    Congratulations Prep K - you are STARS!

    Miss Y :)

  4. Hi Prep K,

    I loved your fantastic toy costumes. I bet all your Mums and Dads and families were so proud of you all.

    What are some of the songs you sang? Did you need to practise for a long time?

    Congratulations on a great performance!

    From Ms. Tieppo

  5. Hi Preps
    You were just amazing at our production. Congratulations to you all, l thought your costumes were incredible and l hardly recognized you! You all looked so professional ( just like the movie!!)
    Thanks for a great performance and your wonderful singing - l just loved all the Toy Story songs and dances!!!

  6. Hello Prep,

    The costumes are amazing. I've helped with and filmed school performances for many years now as a teacher. Your costumes are some of the best I have seen.

    Well done, Preps!

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

  7. I like your class because it is cool and your song is too. I like you dress up toys story 3. Did you have fun? It looks like fun.

  8. Wow! I like this slideshow because I like the dress-up
    ideas! What songs did you sing from Toy Story?
    How many boys were Buzz the Space Ranger? My favourite character in Toy Story is Buzz Lightyear.

  9. You looked fantastic in your toy story costumes.
    Why did you have a school concert?

  10. I like your costumes because they look fabulous and the information that I was reading was really interesting and where did you get those beautiful costumes?

  11. Hi prep k
    I liked you all looking like toys and all the toy story 3 characters. Will we get to see the dancing and singing from the show? Did you make a video?

  12. Hi prep k
    That's cool of you dressing up as Toy Story. I have watched Toy Story 1 and 2 and 3. Who took the photos? The All Blacks won and your show was cool as.

  13. Hi Ms. Tieppo
    Thank you for visiting.
    We had a great time at our concert. We sang 'You've Got a friend in Me', 'Woody's Roundup' and 'We Belong Together'.
    We practised so many times. We learnt our dance very well. Our mums and dads were very proud of us.
    From Prep K

  14. Hi Rohan
    Rohan there was 5 Buzzes. We sang You`ve got a friend in Me, Woody`s Round Up,and We Belong Together.
    Do you have star charts for your children? (reward charts)
    from Andy

  15. Hi Gina
    we have our concert to show our talents and costumes.
    from Matt

  16. Hi Kevin
    Thank you for your comment.
    The show was fun.
    from Kirra.

  17. Hi Orlando
    we got our costumes from our home. I was Woody.
    from Will P

  18. Hi Aryaan
    the teachers took the pictures.
    from Caoimhe

  19. Hi Joshua
    yes we did make a video. Mrs kennedy is trying to put it on our blog.
    from Eva

  20. Hi Prep K

    You were all absolutely FANTASTIC!!!! I loved all your costumes and your singing and dancing was amazing!!!

    Natasha De Klerk

  21. Hi my name is Anya I like your photos of the cowboys and the cowgirls and all of the other characters and you look cool. What was it for?
    From Anya Kids with a view

  22. Dear Learning Together you look wonderful in your clothes. What time did you come to school for the concert? Also did you have a piece of paper to sing the Toy story song or did you know the words? Did you use a microphone?
    From Aum, Alvin and Bradie - Kids with a view


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