Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Very Hairy Hairy Harrys!

Our Hairy Harrys have grown so much. We looked at the Hairy Harrys that had no light, no soil and no water.
We decided that the Hairy Harry with no light still grew however the hair was yellow and not green. We discovered that grass needs sunlight to make it green.
Our Hairy Harry with no soil grew really well because it had water and light. We wonder if it will keep growing without food?
Our Hairy Harry without water did not grow at all! We discovered that plants need water to grow - without water (even though there was light and soil) plants will not grow.


No water.

No light (on the left)

No light. What do you notice?

No water (left), no light (right) and no soil (front). What do you notice?

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