Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kaleidoscopes - Better Buddies!

Today our Buddies from Grade Six came to help us make kaleidoscopes. We have been exploring colour and a kaleidoscope is a wonderful way to see the magic of light and colour. 

We needed our Buddies to help us follow the steps to make the kaleidoscope - it was a bit tricky!

Now we have our very own rainbows of colour!

I wonder how a kaleidoscope works?


  1. Great job Buddies. Really appreciate all your efforts to help Prep K Children settle in so smoothly.

    Mia wishes she could have a big sister like you Sarah!!!

    Love Jing (Mia's mum)

  2. Grade 6 Buddies are the best - so are your Kaleidoscopes. A great big Thank You to Celine and all the Grade 6 buddies for looking after our precious Prep's. Love Hannah B's Mum - Susan

  3. Dear Jing and Susan,
    Thank you for your comments.

    Our buddies are great and helpful and really kind. (Matthew)

    We met our buddies in the Library for our first orientation. (Ben)

    Our buddies have been good to us since we came to school. We didn't know what it would be like at school. (Hannah A)

    Thank you for visiting our blog. (Mia)

    Thanks mum you are great! (Hannah B)

    We love our buddies. (Hamish)

    Our buddies help us when we are lost and they are very good. (Zachary)

  4. Your kaleidoscopes look fantastic Preps. What materials did you use to make them? What was the easiest thing to do when you were making them?

    Ms Scott


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