Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Look what has happened ......

Some of our Hairy Harrys have started to grow hair!
Not all our Harrys are growing. I wonder why?

This Hairy Harry has no soil! Look how it has grown.

No soil.

Here we are!
Why do you think only some of our Hairy Harrys have grown?
Why is the Harry without soil growing so well?


  1. Hi Preps,
    Your 'Hairy Harrys' are funny little characters! I know a few things about growing plants because there are lots of them in my garden. I'm sure that they need food, sunlight and water to survive so it seems strange to me that the Hairy Harry without soil is growing so well. He has no food so it doesn't make sense! I think you might have to teach me and tell me more about what is happening.
    Did you all get to make a Hairy Harry? Will you cut their grassy hair if it gets too long?
    From Ms Dowling (KD)

  2. We think the Hairy Harry's are starting to look very handsome. We can't wait to see them with a full head of hair. From Tom's Family.


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