Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ruby and her baby kittens.

We took some video of the rabbits today and tried to answer some of your questions.

Thank you to all our Quadblogging friends and families for visiting and commenting.

Have you seen baby rabbits before?
What do you notice about our baby rabbits?


  1. Hi Preps
    Ruby and her babies are beautiful! The babies are very small and their fur hasn't grown much yet! They are very lucky to be growing up with Prep D and K as l know how well you care for them! I can' t wait to see them get bigger. I love your blog and will keep watching for Ruby and her babies - the sequel!! Thank you for sharing your learning with us all.

  2. Hi Prep K,

    You are doing an amazing job looking after Ruby and her six beautiful babies. I can't wait to find out what you are going to name them. Keep up the good work Prep K and Prep D. Susan B

  3. Hi Prep K,

    I've never seen rabbit "kittens" before and they're lovely! You're looking after them so well - Ruby looks very happy to have you help her with her babies. Good luck with naming them, and make sure Ruby approves of the names too! Jo A

  4. Hi Prep K,

    We thought your video was interesting because we could see your rabbits.

    Luella noticed that there was some cotton wool in the hutch with the kittens.

    Xavier noticed that the mum was bigger than the baby rabbits.

    Luca wants to know why you have to fill up the container with fresh water.

    Ashleigh didn't know that you had to clean out the hutch.

    Keep up the great work. We can't wait to see more about the rabbits!

    From your Quadblogging friends in Queenscliff

  5. We wish we could a have a rabbit like Ruby in our class!! We noticed the kittens eyes seem still closed, I wonder when they will start to open them? We will keep looking on your blog to see them growing!

    Miss Morris and FS2 children, Fieldhead Carr, Leeds, England.


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