Friday, October 19, 2012

A special visitor!

On Wednesday Aly's mum Rachael came to tell us about what St. Luke's was like when she came to school. Rachael came to St. Luke's in 1986 and she was here for Grades 4, 5, and 6.

Rachael told us some very interesting things about what St. Luke's was like years ago.

The Principal was Ms D'Prazer.
There were no computers and each room had a chalkboard.
Rachael can remember cleaning the blackboard dusters outside with a ruler.
The Adventure playground had wooden equipment with a concrete tunnel.
The oval was a big patch of grass with holes.
Their hats were not blue, they were red.
They didn't wear windcheaters with the school logo printed on it, they wore woollen jumpers with a school badge.
There was no hill.
The toilets used to be where the Discovery Centre is now.
Rachael won 'student of the week' and we have 'star of the week'.
The tuck shop was opened everyday!
The tuck shop used to be where the new office is.
Rachael didn't learn about the Letterland characters.
The students used to sit in wooden desks instead of tables.
The school uniform was the same as it is today.
Mrs Davey (our Librarian) used to drive Rachael home from school.

Thank you Rachael for sharing! We loved hearing about St. Luke's and how it used to be.

School has certainly changed!
What do you remember about your school days?


  1. Rachael's memories of school are very similar to my memories of school - I used to smack the blackboard dusters with a ruler to clean them too!

    When I was in grade 6, one of our duties of being "star" or "student" of the week was to be the "bell monitor". Two of us from our class would walk down to the office at 3.27pm and press the button to ring the bell to alert everyone of the end of the day. We felt very important! I loved being the bell monitor.

    Jo (Annie's mum)

  2. Thanks for sharing your memories with us Jo. We know that our school bell is on a timer - so nobody has to remember to ring it but we all wish that we could be bell monitors!

    From Prep K and Mrs Kennedy.

  3. My memories from school were playing elastics, pick up sticks, jacks and strings. I love that these fun simple activites are still being played at school today! I remember when my Mum was on tuck-shop and how I lined up with all my friends for a special treat. School was and still is so much fun!!! Susan (Hannah B's Mum)

  4. These comments are great about reminiscing the old school days. It reminds me of my time at primary school as well especially with the cleaning of the blackboard dusters with a ruler. Things have changed so much but for the better. Cheers, Leanne (Bethany's mum)


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