Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Celebrating at St. Luke's!

We have been celebrating our 50th Anniversary this week. Part of the celebrations included an Art show and lots of memorabilia from the past. We loved looking at the old photographs and sitting in the old desks! 
Here we are exploring and enjoying our very special celebrations.

50th Anniversary! on PhotoPeach


  1. Happy 50th Anniversary St Luke's !!! I loved your art show, especially Prep's fishes, buses and witches, very impressive.


  2. Well done Prep's on making St.Luke's 50th Anniversary so amazing. Your Art work was just the best. I especially love your witches. What piece of Art work did you like doing the best? Susan B xo

  3. I hope you all enjoyed the Anniversary. What fantatsic art work!

  4. Thank you Jing, Susan and Barb! We have had a great time celebrating St. Luke's 50th Anniversary.
    10 Preps liked making the witches the best, 2 Preps liked making the buses and 1 Prep enjoyed making the fish. Thank you for your question Susan.

    From Prep K

  5. I enjoyed watching the video. Thanks Bethany.

  6. Hi Bethany

    Thank you for making a great comment!

    Love from your friends in Prep K


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