Thursday, October 18, 2012

St. Luke's Day - Our Grandparents came to school!

As part of our special activities to celebrate our parish and school's 50th Anniversary we invited our Grandparents to school. We had a wonderful day showing them our work and classrooms. We were so excited to see them! 

Thank you to all our Grandparents who were able to come to school today - we loved having you.

Some of the Preps used ShowMe on the iPad to take a photo of their Grandparents and tell us why they are so special.


  1. You're all so lucky to have your Grandparents visit St Luke's! Annie's grandparents really enjoyed the day and thought you should all be very proud of attending such a lovely school.

    Did anyone hear some interesting stories of when your grandparents' were at school?

    Keep up the good work,


  2. Thank you for your question Jo. Do you know we were having so much fun showing our Grandparents our work we forgot to ask them about their school days! Mrs Kennedy thought we could ask them next time we see them.

    From Prep K

  3. Hi Prep K
    I like the grandparents day because our grandparents came.
    from Hannah


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