Saturday, October 20, 2012

Celebrating our Past

On Grandparents Day we had a very special activity - we planted fruit trees donated by Bunnings.
We discovered the land St. Luke's is built on used to be an orchard so we thought it would be a great idea to plant some fruit trees as a symbol of the past.

Thank you Ms Scott and the Environment Team for all your hard work. Our mini orchard will remind us all of the history of our wonderful school.


  1. We have a Kitchen Garden too. Room 4 is growing peas and tomatoes in our class garden.
    We have 2 plum trees, a feijoa tree and 4 raspberry plants. We are also growing strawberries. I love strawberries.
    What fruit trees did you plant at your school?
    From Maria and Anna
    Room 4
    Hamilton East School

  2. Hello everyone,

    Planting trees is a great way of reminding us of the past as we move into the future, especially if they're fruit trees and we can enjoy the fruit. Ms. Scott and the Environment Team have done a wonderful job. :)

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  3. Hi prep k,
    I loved planting the trees. I got to help plant. Did any of you get to help plant? Do any of you have a veggie patch at home? I hope you look after them.
    From Bridie ( in junior s ).

  4. Hi Maria and Anna

    Thank you for your question. We planted an orange tree, a lemonade tree (lemon), an apple and a mandarine tree.

    Your garden sounds 'yummy'! The preps would like to know what is a feijoa tree?

    Have a great day
    from Prep K

  5. Hi Bridie

    Thank you so much for visiting our blog and making a great comment.

    Aly helped plant the trees.

    Seven Preps have veggie or herb gardens at home! They water their gardens and pull out the weeds.

    Kobe would like to know if you put new soil in your herb garden every year?

    Have fun today,

    From Prep K and Mrs K

  6. Hi Ross

    Thank you for your comment. We love it when you visit us.

    Do you have any fruit trees in your garden?

    From Prep K

  7. Hi Prep K
    I liked watching the big kids plant the fruit trees.
    From Hannah


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