Thursday, March 21, 2013

Exercise helps us to be healthy and happy!

We have been talking about how we can be happy and healthy. The Preps know that to be healthy we need to exercise. We talked about playing games and the things we need to do so that everyone in the group has a happy time. 
Here are the posters we made to remind us of all the ideas we shared. We worked with a partner to make our posters and we had to cooperate with each other and share the page.

What do you think we need to remember so that everyone has a happy time when we are playing games?


  1. Hi Preps, I think we all need to remember to listen to each other and take turns to enable us all to enjoy playing together. I love your posters, they are a wonderful way to help remind everyone how to have happy times together. Well done! Kellie

  2. Great Posters, and Great messages on the posters. We need to remember to let everybody have their turn, and sometimes people might need a little bit more help than others, like little brothers and sisters. Emma (Alexa's mum)

  3. Great posters Preps and I think we call all learn from the messages on them. They help remind us of what we can all do to make sure everyone is happy and healthy. Keep up the great work.Kim

  4. Wow, I loved your slideshow! You all have wonderful ideas to help people to be happy when you are playing. It's great to have lots of friends. Letting everyone join in the fun is important. Sally (Gracie's mum)


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