Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How can we be happy and healthy?

Our big question for our Inquiry this term is 'How can we be happy and healthy?'
Today we put on our thinking caps and drew the things that make us happy and healthy. Then we shared our ideas with the class. We noticed that everyone had drawn fruit and vegetables for what helps us to be healthy and lots of different ideas for what helps us to be happy. 

Here are our ideas.

How can we be happy and healthy? on PhotoPeach

When we had shared our ideas, we brainstormed what else can help us to be healthy.
The Preps came up with these ideas:
  • drink water (or you will become dehydrated )
  • good food
  • sleep
  • exercise - to keep you fit and give you energy
What a great list!

If we are healthy does that help us to happy?
What helps you to be happy?
What helps you to be healthy? 


  1. Dear Preps,
    I like to stay healthy by walking. I like to walk my dog, Lily. It's a good way to stay healthy and both Lily and I stay happy.

    Mrs Yore

  2. Eating food you grow yourself in the garden keeps you healthy and the gardening keeps you fit.

    There is nothing better than picking and eating you own food. It makes you smile and say wow!

    James Dad

  3. Playing at the park with Alexa and Myla. This keeps me healthy by running and swinging and happy because I'm spending time with my daughters - Emma, Alexa' mum

  4. Hi Preps,
    I loved teaching you today, and think your ideas for staying healthy are excellent. Make sure you remember your drink bottle with water in it every day!
    I play basketball, do pilates, walk, eat healthy fruit and vegies and do meditation to keep healthy.
    Cheers Mrs Bellesini

  5. Doing a fun activity you can do together with family or friends like going for a walk, a bike ride, kicking a ball or playing a game outside is a good way to stay healthy and happy

    Alexas Dad

  6. Doing fun activities with Olivia like swimming,going to the park, riding bikes and cooking gnocchi-Olivia's mum and dad.

  7. Being well balanced makes you happy and healthy. Learning to meditate is healthy and makes me happy.

  8. Hi Preps,
    Great ideas! You must all be very happy and healthy!
    Playing sport is a great way to keep fit, and simple things like walking the dog are good exercise. Plus you can do those with friends or family!
    Keep H&H,

  9. Hi Preps and Mrs Kennedy, We cook healthy food to stay healthy. Gracie likes to play with her little sisters Lola and Ivy. This makes her very happy! From Sally and Hayden Gracie's mum and dad.

  10. Hi Preps. We like to all go for a walk together with the dogs or a bike ride. Doing this altogether means that we get to spend fun/happy time together and also get some exercise to keep us healthy. We also get lots of sleep every day to keep us all happy and healthy too. Keep coming up with your great ideas. Suzi (Caitlin's mum)

  11. Hello Preps,
    Great work it looks like you have learnt alot about staying happy and healty! We are almost finished the term already! Great work and well done preps. From Georgia


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