Monday, March 25, 2013

Skyping with Declan!

We were so excited to skype (for the very first time in Prep) with our friend Declan who has gone to Ireland with his family for a holiday.

Declan and his family were up at 4.00am to talk to us - it was 3.00pm in Australia. They were just starting their day and we were at the end of our school day. Declan's family have just arrived in Ireland and are still adjusting to the time difference.

The Preps thought about questions to ask Declan and they spoke very clearly. Some of the questions were:

Have you seen any animals?
Declan said he had seen 200 cows! He is staying in a cottage on a farm.

What is the weather like?
It was 0 degrees and yesterday Declan saw snow! Ireland is very cold at the moment.

Are you having a good holiday?
What have you been doing on your holiday?
We miss you!

Declan asked us about our day and we told him we what we had been doing.

It was so lovely to see Declan's smiling face (and Ashling's and Conor's) and remember he was half way across the world! Thanks for skyping with us!

Have you ever used skype to talk to family or friends? 


  1. Hi preps,
    It was great to see you on skype this morning. I forgot to ask one question! Which letter are you learning this week?
    Thanks, Declan

  2. Have a great time Declan and a safe trip home! Happy Easter! Sophie and family x

  3. We used Skype when Caitlin's Dad was overseas early this year. We spoke to him when he was in Switzerland and London. We also sometimes Skype with our aunty and cousins who live in Bundaberg in Queensland because it's good to see their faces not just hear their voices on the phone. We are glad to hear that Declan is happy in Ireland. From Caitlin's family

  4. We sometimes Skype Gracie's Nanny at her house in Bendigo and when she is teaching her preps in her classroom! From Gracie's Family

  5. Sometimes we use Skype to talk to my cousins in Perth, and I also talked to my Uncle Peter and Aunty Carol via Skype when they were overseas last year. It's fun. Love Olivia


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