Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Prep Patterns!

In Maths we have been talking about patterns. We have learnt that there are many different types of patterns and patterns are all around us. Today the Preps used lots of different materials to make their own patterns. We also used the IWB to make bead patterns. 
The most important thing we had to remember to make our patterns is that they must repeat! We had to look carefully and continue our patterns to make sure we knew what was coming next!
Take a look at the amazing patterns the Preps created.

Preps tell your family about your pattern.

Can you make some tricky patterns at home?


  1. WOW Prep K, you have all been working so hard. I love all of your different ideas and the designs of patterns. Keep up the great work.

  2. Fantastic work preps! I love how your patterns are all different colours and made with different things. You can make a pattern out of almost anything! Sonya (Declan's mum)

  3. You all have made fabulous patterns preps! Making patterns is lots of fun. I like art work made from repeating patterns. From Sally (Gracie's mum)

  4. Hi Preps. I wonder if you spotted any patterns on the weekend either at home, in the shops, looking at different buildings or even at a park. Now that I have seen all the patterns you have made, I am going to keep my eye open and see what ones I see. Thanks for sharing. From Suzi (Caitlin's mum)

  5. Great learning Prep


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