Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

On Friday we all came dressed in green for St. Patrick's Day! The Social Justice student group at our school organised the day. They made lots of green cakes, cookies, cordial and jelly to sell. All the money raised will go to Caritas to help those people who need food, water and shelter. A big thank you to our wonderful Social Justice group, their parents and Mrs Gridley for all their organisation. They raised $600.00. Very impressive!

The Preps looked fantastic! We made our first voice thread for the year. We practised what we would like to say about St. Patrick's Day and then had to speak clearly and loudly into the microphone. Sometimes we forgot what we wanted to say and had to try again! We laughed and had fun when we made a mistake or forgot our words. 

Parents and friends can make a comment on the voice thread by clicking on the comment box (on the voice thread) and you can record a voice message or type a message. Or you can make a comment in the normal way.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. I love celebrating St Patrick's Day because it is Joel's birthday (Caitlin's little brother). Although we didn't do this for St Patrick's Day, we had a lovely day today at Thomas' Big Day Out. We will always remember St Patrick's Day in our family because it is a very special day.

  2. St Patrick's day is a very special day for Irish people as St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. It's the day when we celebrate being Irish. Declan's mum and dad and his grandparents were all born in Ireland so it's a very special day for us. Happy St Patrick's day everyone! From the O'Farrell family

  3. This was a fun post to do because everyone a got a turn - Alexa
    I loved listening everyone's messages about St. Patrick's Day - Emma (Alexa's mum)

  4. What great talking Preps! You all spoke so clearly. We loved listening to you talk about St Patricks day. You all looked wonderful in your green clothes.
    From Gracie's family.

  5. Well done Preps.You all spoke so well and looked fantastic in green. I heard you had lots of fun celebrating St Patrick's day and really enjoyed the yummy green treats. Olivia really liked getting her face painted.
    From Olivia's Mum & Dad

  6. Hamish thinks everyone looked very green on St Patrick's Day. He thought it was fun to hear all the voice messages.
    Hamish also liked the green cupcakes and biscuits for St Patricks Day.

    from Hamish & Dad (Adam)


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