Monday, April 22, 2013

An Exciting Day!

Last year Prep D and Prep K worked very hard to reduce the amount of rubbish going into landfill. Mrs David contacted the RED group and we bought a bin to collect flexible plastic. You can read about RED here.

When we had collected enough plastic we had a special seat made using all our plastic. Today we were able to see our seat for the first time! We are very proud of our efforts and hope that our community will keep bringing their flexible plastic to school to put in the RED bin.

Prep K 2012 try out the new seat

Prep D 2012 also have a turn!

Our seat!
Thanks Mr Perkins for putting it together for us!

Prep 2013 also try out the new seat

Keep bringing your plastic to school!
Help us to reduce landfill.

What an amazing and easy way to reduce the amount of rubbish going into landfill!


  1. Fantastic
    I love seeing what can happen we people work together. The chair will always be a reminder that we can re-use so much of our waste.


    Mrs Cpffa

  2. What a great outcome that benefits the whole school community and the environment. Well done to all involved. I cant wait to see the next project. Olivia's Family.

  3. Hi Preps from 2012
    What a wonderful effort you made with your plastic collection. The seat looks fantastic and now I am wondering where you have decided to put it. This was a wonderful way to share your learning.
    Mrs Mac

  4. HI Preps 2012 and 2013!
    That's amazing - l was wondering if it had arrived. So proud of you all for all you collected and recycled - it looks fantastic.
    It just reminds us how much waste there is in our world and if we are sensible in the way we sort and recycle it we can put it to good use!
    Where will you put it now!
    Surely not outside the Principal's office !!!!!
    Ms Egan

  5. I sat on the seat today and it is very comfortable, what a great way to recycle!
    Well done preps.
    Mrs Bellesini


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