Monday, April 15, 2013

Scientists at work!

For our Inquiry this term we are thinking about what living things need to grow and survive.

Today we had to think about what plants need to grow. We drew our ideas and then shared. Everyone agreed that plants need:

sunlight, water and soil to grow. 

Then it was time to make our Hairy Harrys! We all brought a jar and a stocking to school. Mrs Kennedy had some soil and grass seeds. We followed a procedure to make our Hairy Harrys.

Mrs Kennedy asked  'What would happen if one Hairy Harry had no light? How could we find out what would happen to the Hairy Harry if it had no light? 

We decided that we could put a Hairy Harry in a cupboard so that it had no light. 
Olivia thinks that it won't grow. 
James thinks it will be all droopy. 
Cormac thinks the Hairy Harry will be brown.

Then we decided to have a Hairy Harry without water and one without soil. 

What will happen? Will the Hairy Harrys grow? We are very excited to see what will happen!

Hairy Harry with no light
Hairy Harry with no water
Hairy Harry with no soil

Here we are with our Hairy Harrys!


  1. I know some plants grow just in water so I'm thinking "Harry with no Soil" might grow a little bit but, not as big as the Harrys with soil,water and sunlight. I can't wait to see what happens!

    Mrs Yore

  2. I know some plants grow just in water so I'm thinking "Harry with no Soil" might grow a little bit but, not as big as the Harrys with soil,water and sunlight. I can't wait to see what happens!

    Mrs Yore

  3. I think the Hairy Harry's without water, soil or light will just be Harry's, can't wait to see them all grow and have a haircut.
    Emma (Alexa's mum)

  4. I enjoyed looking at all of the hairless harry's and tried to imagine them with hair - I think it will be great see them all with hair. Mushrooms grow in the dark - I wonder if no light Harry might grow just little bit of hair.


  5. Hi prep k - this is Joshua! Hope everyone is well and I can't wait to meet all the hairy Harry's! They look so cute. Mum n dad is making me practice my reading

  6. Hi Preps,
    I love your hairy harry's they're amazing! I think the idea of experimenting on other hairy harry's was a great idea! I'm very interested in the hairy harry with no sunlight,please tell me how it goes!

    Good luck from Lizzy [Patrick's big sister]

  7. Hi Preps from Declan,
    Thank you for making my hairy harry! I really liked eveybody's hairy harry. I was in England last week and then we went to Paris. I have three sleeps at my granny's house and then we are coming back to Australia.
    See you all at school soon!

  8. Hi Declan!

    We can't wait to see you and hear all about your holiday.

    Have a safe trip and see you soon!

    Love from your friends and Mrs Kennedy

  9. Hi Preps!
    I think you enjoyed making those Hairy Harry's after seeing all those big smiles!
    I remember when I made my Hairy Harry. It grew long green grass until I had to give it a haircut!
    I think the Hairy Harry with no light will grow a little bit of green grass. I think the one without water maybe will have a bit of brown blades. But I don't think the one without soil will.
    Can't wait to find out what next creative thing you do is!
    From Chloe (Eva's buddy)

  10. Hi preps. These hairy Harry's look very handsome. I think they will look even better with hair. How long will they take to grow? I wonder if they will all grow at the same time. I can't wait to check their progress after the weekend. Hope you had fun making them. From Suzi - Caitlin's mum

  11. It will be so fun watching your Harry's hair grow! Gracie planted seeds to grow some herbs at the start of the school holidays and they are sprouting lots of green shoots. It is very exciting! From Gracie's Family

  12. Hello preps I loved looking at your Hairy Harrys they were so good. I hope you had fun making them. Also I would think that if your Hairy Harrys don't have water, sunlight or soil they would slowly begin to dry out and pass away because all plants need water just your like your Hairy Harrys.

    Hailey From Senior G

  13. Hi Preps
    What an interesting experiment, the Hairy Harry's look great. Looking forward to seeing what the outcome is for those that don't have access to either sun, water or soil. Olivia's family.

  14. hi preps, what a wonderful experiment with hairy harry's can't wait to see how different each of them will look, good work prep k, quite exciting, Chantelle's mum

  15. Hi Preps,
    It's great to see you all working hard.
    I think your Hairy Harrys are looking great and I
    hope you see them grow soon. What is also really fascinating is that you and Mrs. Kennedy also tested what would happen to a Hairy Harry if it had no light, water, and soil.You are all doing awesome work and I look forward to seeing more posts on this awesome blog.

    From Conor
    (Campbell's buddy and Declan's big brother)


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