Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Better Buddies!

Today we had time with our buddies. They gave us a special Buddy Bear to remind us that there is always someone who is looking out for us and cares for us - and of course our bears give lots of hugs!
We will keep our Buddy Bears at school for a while and then we will take them home.

Thank you to the Grade Six buddies who do such a great job watching over their Prep buddies!

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  1. I thought Wednesday was really fun doing these activities with our buddies! Also, I loved the idea of the small buddies having a buddy bear, because whenever they want, they can talk to it, play with it or give it a hug when they're upset. Thank you Mrs Kennedy and Mrs David for planning the day and I hope all the preps including big buddies had fun!

    Hannah (Alexa's Buddy)

  2. Lovely photos! What a very special thing to do! Sophie loves her buddies Carmen and Georgia very much!

  3. What beautiful photos! The Preps are so lucky to have such special friends at school to help them and guide them. It looks like the Grade 6's love this program as much as the Preps do. What a great school and program to be part of. This is my favourite blog post so far this year.

  4. It was great to have the Grade 6 buddies join us on Wednesday. It was also great to catch up with Tristan again, who has has been a great buddy! Thanks for the bear and thanks Mrs Kennedy - great photos! Hamish.

  5. Buddies will always look out for you. They know it's important because they had a buddy when they were in preps. It's always a special link to the school. Enjoy your buddies, they are special friends!
    Mrs Bellesini

  6. Hi Preps. I love having a buddy and a buddy bear. I love the photos. From Caitlin

  7. What a lovely gesture and you can see how much the preps and the year 6 buddies enjoy spending time together. A big thank you to staff & buddies for making the preps feel so welcome and helping them with their transition into primary school.Olivia's Family


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