Thursday, April 25, 2013

Our Hairy Harrys have started to GROW!

Our Hairy Harrys have started to grow. Everyday we look to see if anything is happening. This week we noticed some sprouts on our Hairy Harrys. How exciting!

click on the semi circle on the right to see two more photos.


  1. Wow - your Hairy Harry's are starting to look hairy! I wonder if they grew much while you were away for the day today? I think you will notice a big change after the weekend. I can't wait to look at them again next week. Suzi

  2. The sprouting Harrys look very funny with their grandpa hair! Maybe they need a little bit of fertiliser! I wonder if they will grow lots of hair on the weekend.

    Mrs Yore

  3. Chantelle is so excited to see the hairy harry's sprouting she can't stop talking about it,says "they look now very hairy mummy" can't wait to see the end results!

  4. Hi Preps

    Thanks for sharing your first photos of the Hairy Harrys. I wonder what your last photos of them will look like?

    Ms Scott

  5. Wow Preps your Hairy Harry's look great. Every morning when Olivia goes into the classroom she checks to see how much hair they have grown.What a great experiment.Kim


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