Thursday, April 4, 2013

Preps try ShowMe!

There are many great apps for the iPad and one that we have used in Prep is ShowMe.
ShowMe allows the children to take photos of their learning and then explain what they have done or learnt and reflect on an activity. 

During Developmental Learning the Preps have an opportunity to explore different activities that interest them. During one session two Preps were exploring our learning (patterns in Maths, sounds in Literacy) through play - making connections, practising ideas and concepts.

The third ShowMe is a Lego game that one of our Preps has designed himself at home. He explains how the game works and the rules to follow. He mentions his game is a game of 'chance' as the outcome relies on the number each player rolls on the dice. 

Amazing skills in Prep!



  1. Hi Preps,
    Your reflections about what you made are wonderful. You are very clever!
    Mrs David

  2. Hi Preps,
    You are very creative with what you made! I really like your reflections.

  3. Hi preps,

    I really like all of your work. Love from Declan


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