Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Special Visitor!

Today we were very lucky to have Joel's Nonna come to school to tell us about her chickens. Nonna has five hens at home and she told us about all the things she needs to do to look after them. She has to clean the coop everyday and make sure it is nice and dry - because hens don't like to be wet. Nonna gives them food and fresh water each day. 
Mrs Kennedy was very proud of the great questions the Preps asked and we learnt a lot about what will happen to our chicks once they grow up.
Here are some of the questions we asked and Nonna's answers:

What is the coop made from?
The coop is made from wood and wire mesh. At night they go into the coop where they are safe from foxes and cats.

Are the chickens friendly?
Yes Joel can go into the coop and take an egg and the hen doesn't peck him.

What do you do with the eggs?
Nonna makes a special omelette for Joel - she makes a circle omelette and puts a smiley face on it with tomato sauce. Lucky Joel! 

What do the chickens eat?
They eat pasta, bread crusts, lettuce and any food scraps.

Do the chickens like their food?

When do the hens lay their eggs?
They usually lay their eggs in the morning and sometimes after lunch. They lay eggs everyday - they lay more in the summer when the weather is warmer.

When do they go to bed?
As soon as it starts to get dark they go to their coop and jump up onto their perch and go to sleep. During winter they go at 6.00pm and during summer at 7.00pm.

What do they play with?
They don't have toys but they love to scratch the ground and walk around the garden eating bugs and snails. 

Here is Fluffy in the coop laying and egg

What a great coop - it keep the hens safe and warm!

Thanks Nonna!
Thank you to Joel's Nonna for coming to help us learn all about how to care for chickens!


  1. Thank you to Joel's Nonna! Wonderful to hear about her chickens and their coop. Great questions preps! Sarah (Sophie's mum)

  2. Thank you to Joel's Nonna! Olivia's Nonna in WA also has chickens and Olivia loves to collect the eggs with her cousins when she visits.
    Kim(Olivia's mum)

  3. Hi Preps,
    It is fabulous that you have learnt so much from your inquiry and from your visitors.
    If you are the owner of a dog, how has it changed the way you look after your dog and what messages have you shared with your family?


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