Thursday, May 23, 2013

Our Chickens!

We got to hold our chickens yesterday. They felt so warm and fluffy. The chicks are growing so quickly we know they will be very happy going back to live on their farm in the country tomorrow. We will miss their cheerful chirping in the classroom.

Congratulations to the Preps for their wonderful work and taking great care of the chickens. We have learnt so much about living things by watching them hatch, grow and change right before our eyes! Having pets is a BIG responsibility.

Here we are holding onto our chicks!


Preps talk to your families and tell them some of the things you enjoyed the most about having the chickens and something that you learnt that you didn't know before!
You can leave a comment - ask Mum and Dad to help you.


  1. Beautiful photos Preps. You have obviously all learned how gentle you need to be with animals, particularly baby animals as you all looked like you were being so careful. Did the chicks feel very soft? They looked like they were. I hope you all enjoyed your special visitors in your classroom. Do you know what will happen with the chicks now? Suzi (Caitlin's mum)

  2. Hi there

    Your writing made me think that my school should get some cute little fluffy chicks.
    I like it how you did a slide show about how you got to hold the chicks.


  3. Dear Mrs Kennedy and Preps. I loved holding the chickens. They were nice and soft. From Caitlin

  4. Dear Suzi and Caitlin,

    Thank you for your lovely comments.

    The chickens felt fluffy and soft. Patrick

    Linda was taking the chickens back to live on a farm. Ebony

    We all loved holding our beautiful chicks. Mrs Kennedy was very proud of how gentle we were with the baby chicks.

    From Prep K

  5. Hi Prep K

    I would like to now howyou look after the chickens?

    from Mia p

  6. hi prep k
    i love chicks
    last year i had c

    chicks love from Ava


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