Thursday, May 16, 2013

Our VERY Hairy Harrys need a haircut!

We have had so much fun being scientists and watching our Hairy Harrys grow. 
We have also learnt that living things need water, food and light to grow. 

We had one Hairy Harry in the cupboard with no light. We discovered that the Hairy Harry grew yellow hair - so we think that light helps to make grass green.

The Hairy Harry with no soil still grew - we are going to keep watching to see if it continues to grow.

The Hairy Harry with no water did not grow at all. We learnt that all living things need water!

Today we gave our very Hairy Harrys a haircut. Preps are amazing hairdressers!

Hairy Harry Haircuts! - slideshow

Why does light make grass green?
What do you think will happen to the Hairy Harry with no soil? Will it continue to grow?


  1. I think the Hairy Harry with no soil won't grow much more. I look forward to seeing if I am right!
    From Declan's mum Sonya

  2. Our grass underneath our outdoor slide in our backyard also turns yellow as it doesn't get much sunlight. I also don't think hairy Harry with no soil will grow much more. Sophie's Hairy Harry looks very smart with his haircut and is sitting above our kitchen sink so we can watch him grow! Sarah ( Sophie's mum)

  3. Love your Hairy Harry's, it's great to see how much they have grown. I will look out this week to see their haircuts! What did you do with the grass you cut off?
    Mrs Bellesini :)


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