Friday, May 3, 2013

Fun Maths!

This week in Maths we have been very busy measuring, comparing and discussing longer (and taller), shorter and the same as. Today we decided to use one of our feet to compare objects in the classroom. 

We knew we couldn't use one of our feet to measure everything - so we decided to measure one foot with unifix and use the unifix tower which was the same length as our foot to compare objects around the room. 

We had to find objects that were longer than our foot, shorter than our foot and the same length as our foot. 

Can you find something longer, shorter and the same as your foot?


  1. Some great examples of objects that are shorter, longer and same as the unifix! Well done preps
    Sarah (Sophie's Mum)

  2. Great measuring Preps! It would be fun to measure how long you each were with unifix! You could see which preps were taller, shorter and the same as each other. I bet you all grow a lot by the end of the year! Sally (Gracie's Mum)

  3. What great measuring Preps.
    I love hearing about the wonderful maths activities that you are doing. You certainly found out a lot about length.
    I measured my rabbit and he was the same length as my foot.
    The remote control was shorter than my foot and my handbag was longer than my foot.
    Did you do any measuring at home?
    Keep up the great work preps.
    Mrs Gridley


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