Wednesday, May 8, 2013

We are VERY Eggcited!!

Today Mrs Kennedy had some exciting news. We are having some visitors to our classroom. We tried to guess who was coming - and we couldn't so Mrs Kennedy gave us a clue. Everyone got a little plastic egg and we had to think about what was inside. Here are some of our ideas:
a snake, a bird, a chick, a dinosaur, an alligator, a platypus and an octopus!
Then we opened our eggs and this is what we saw ......

The chickens will help us to learn about what living things need to grow and survive.

What do you think we will need to do to help our chickens grow?


  1. Before and after the chicks hatch, they will need lots of warmth. Emma (Alexa's mum)

  2. Taking care of an animal requires you to be very responsible. The chickens will need you to be kind and gentle. They will need food, water and lots of love and respect. You will need to clean up after them too! We know the Preps are just the children for this grown up job. Happy Hatching! From the Clements Family

  3. I think that the chicks will need somewhere where it's not too loud so that they don't get frightened and they will need to stay warm. I can't wait to see them when they arrive. Suzi (Caitlin's mum)

  4. I think we need to look after them and care for them which includes feeding them and giving them water and a nice warm home. Olivia

  5. I wonder why you’re going to have chickens – Mia
    Looking after any pet is a big responsibility. I hope the chickens aren’t too much trouble for you – Madeline
    I remember having chickens in Prep and we saw them get incubated and hatch – Kitty
    Chickens usually eat seeds and bugs – Angus
    Not all the eggs hatch in one day – Jack
    I didn’t really get to understand what the incubator did, when I was in Prep – Natalie
    The incubator is to keep them warm – Will
    I hope the chickens are some fun for you when they hatch – Grace
    It’s best to pat the chicks with two fingers – Ivy
    Maybe when you have finished with your chicks you might want to tell us some more facts – Alex
    When I was in Prep I remembered when one chick hatched from an egg there was a brown one – Brandon C
    I have a little tip: don’t put your hand in the pen or the chicks might get frightened and bite your hand – Piers

  6. Chicks are so cute! They need lots of care when they are little. Food, water, warmth and their home cleaned out regularly. We adopted two chicks last year. We thought they were girls so we named them Arabella and Cinderella.. but Arabella turned out to be a rooster not a hen! We had to give him to Chesterfield farm as he started cock-a doodle-doing early in the morning! We could not just have one hen because she would get lonely. Chickens are social animals. We gave her to our friend that had chickens. Have fun with your chicks! Sally (Gracie's mum)


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