Monday, August 5, 2013

Quick Quiz Week!

Here are five quick quiz questions for you to solve. Write your answers down and bring them to school. We will share the answers on Friday. Good luck!

1. Which Letterland character likes to juggle?

2. If I have 15 lollies and I eat 6 how many lollies do I have left?

3. How many of each animal did Noah take onto the Ark?

4. Finish this line from a song you know - Give me a home among the ______________ ?

5. How do we say number 4 in Italian? (clue - it starts with 'qu')

Can you think of a quick quiz question? You can share it in the comments section.


  1. 1. What letterland character is red?
    2. How do you say Thankyou in Italian?
    3. If you have 100 jam donuts and James eats 3, how many jam donuts are left?

  2. Which letterland character is quarrelsome?
    Which QU word means very fast?
    Which QU word can you put on your bed to keep you warm?
    When you don't make any noise, you are ________.

  3. Where has Mrs Purcell gone this week?
    How many eggs make up half a dozen?
    What do you call a baby whale?
    What do you call a tree that loses its leaves?

  4. Which soccer team does Gareth Bale play for?
    Is it winter or summer in Australia?
    Why is God nice to us?
    Who is the principal at St Luke's this week?
    What month is it?
    Which Letterland character wears Collingwood colours?

  5. Which Mario character starts with Y?
    Which character starts with Y?
    Which animal starts with R and hops?
    What does the swagman jump into in the song Waltzing Matilda?

  6. what is gravity? Caitlin

  7. Thank you Caitlin for your great Quick Quiz Question!

    Eva thought gravity was 'little stuff that keeps us on the ground.'

    Caitlin said 'like a force field'.

    Caitlin also said that because there is no gravity in space you float.


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