Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What Am I?

We have been writing What Am I?'s in Literacy. With our partner we thought of an animal and wrote the clues. We learnt that it is important not to make the first clue too easy! After we had written our What Am I?'s we practised reading clearly and fluently and recorded our clues on audioboo. Can you guess the animals?

Today we have:

Stephanie (Frances and Stephanie wrote theirs together but missed recording together)
Sophie and Rosie 
Alexa and Riley

Do you have a 'What Am I?' to share with us?


  1. Frances & Stephanie, Are you a dog?
    Sophie & Rosie, Are you a giraffe? (the hair at the bottom of the tail was a great clue!)
    Alexa & Riley, Are you a magpie?

    Great work Preps.

    Mrs Coffa

  2. Beautiful reading Preps. Alexa and Riley are you the Collingwood mascot? A magpie!
    Mr Clements - Go the Pies

  3. What am I?
    I've got fins.
    I swim in the ocean.
    My head is shaped like a tool.

    Hint: I am a type of shark.

    From Riley

  4. What Am I?
    I am sometimes green.
    I love water.
    I have slimy, cold skin.
    I hop from place to place.

    Hint: I start life as a tadpole

  5. What am I?
    I am fierce
    I have a long tail
    I lived a long time ago
    I love to eat other dinosaurs
    I start with a T


  6. Hi Preps!

    My name is Emma, and I am a pre-service teacher at Australian Catholic University in Melbourne. I was really impressed with your clear and expressive reading! I also enjoyed guessing your 'What am I?' clues.

    I have one for you:

    What am I?
    I am soft and furry.
    I am Australian.
    I live in tall trees.
    I only eat special kinds of leaves.
    And, I like sleeping during the day.

    Keep up the good work,


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