Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What Am I?

We have been writing What Am I?'s in Literacy. With our partner we thought of an animal and wrote the clues. We learnt that it is important not to make the first clue too easy! After we had written our What Am I?'s we practised reading clearly and fluently and recorded our clues on audioboo. Can you guess the animals?

Today we have: 

Caitlin and Simon
Ebony and Declan
Chantelle and Patrick
Olivia and Hamish

Share a 'What Am I?' with us and post it in the comment box.


  1. Hi Preps,
    This sounds like fun!
    Are Caitlin and Simon...a crocodile!?
    I will do another one soon!

  2. What am I? By Riley
    I am hard.
    I am inside your body.
    I am made of bone.
    You can't walk without me.
    What am I?

    A: I am a S_______N

  3. I'm thinking about dogs and rabbits and crocodiles! Am I right? I loved your clear voices. Well done.

    Good one's a HARD's bone!
    Mrs Yore


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