Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Put your thinking caps on!

Can you guess what this is a photo of???
Take a guess and let us know!


  1. Hi Prep K

    I'm wondering if these are Mrs K's fluffy slippers that she wears each night to keep her feet toasty warm?

    Miss Y :)

  2. Hi Prep K
    Prep S have been thinking very hard and we think that we have seen these and some smaller ones somewhere in our classroom....
    Are we close to guessing?
    Love Prep S and Mrs Swann

  3. Hi Miss Y
    That is a very funny joke! We laughed alot! :)

    We don't think that they are Mrs Kennedy's fluffy slippers because they are too small for her BIG feet!

    Thank you for your guess.

    From your friends Prep K

  4. Dear Prep S and Mrs Swann,

    You are very clever and close to guessing what the photo is!

    Do you have any more ideas or clues??

    From your friends Prep K

  5. Hello from all the way next door.
    We were wondering.... do we have 32 of the objects in your photo in our classroom today?
    We knew the photo was not of your slippers and we thought it was a great guess.
    Let us know if we are getting closer to naming what's in your photo.
    Love your friends in Prep S

  6. Prep S - you are right! There are 32 of the objects in our classroom today!

    How did you work it out?

    From your friends prep K

  7. Hi Preps,
    My name is Mr Holloway and I teach preps just like in your class! I enjoyed reading your blog! I think your mystery picture might be the Easter bunny! Or maybe some very furry socks.
    I can't wait to see the answer!
    Keep up the great work.
    From Mr Holloway and PrepH at Bellaire Primary School in Geelong.


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