Saturday, June 11, 2011


The kittens are only five days old!

Here they are - 4 weeks old! Having a feed.

We have learnt so much from watching our baby kittens grow and change. They have now gone back to their farm and we will miss them.


  1. Hi learning together. It was great talking to you and seeing the kittens on Thursday. It was amazing how big the kittens had grown in such a short time. It is sad they have to go but I'm sure they will be very happy on the farm. I know Wattle is looking forward to seeing you all again.
    Miss Mac

  2. Dear Prep K
    Wow! The kittens grew so much while they where in your classroom. They are very cute! I wonder what you will be investigating next??!!
    Mrs Will and Molly

  3. Dellas & Piers van der HeideJune 15, 2011 at 3:54 PM

    Dear Prep S & K
    Thank you for sharing the kittens with everyone. We saw your advertisement in the newsletter for old blankets for the RSPCA last week. So today Piers (jnr D) & Sebastian F (Jnr M) collected heaps of old blankets from our homes. There were so many we drove them to the RSPCA otherwise Mary would have been buried in blankets!! The staff at the RSPCA were very excited to see the blankets because it has been really cold this winter. I hope your blanket collection appeal has been successful.
    From Piers Jrn D & Dellas - Mum!

  4. How sad that the kittens had to leave. I am sure they will be very happy on the farm where they will have a lot of grass to eat and a lot of space to run around!

    Miss Lepou


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