Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Announcements - Smooth talking!

We have been practising our announcements to help the RSPCA. Now we are trying to be smmmoooth talkers! Listen to our audiboos below.

RSPCA announcement Group 2 (mp3)

RSPCA announcement Group 3 (mp3)


  1. This is such a wonderful action Preps! And I think you are becoming very Smooth Talkers.

    From Ms Scott

  2. Dear prep k

    I think you where very clear and loud.

    from Jacob F

  3. Hi Preps
    You are very smooth talkers. When you make your announcement, it will be very easy for the rest of the school to understand because you spoke so clearly.

  4. Dear Miss Scott and Jacob
    Thank you for your feedback. We have been practising our announcements so that we are loud, smooth and clear.
    From Prep K

  5. Thank you A4!
    We like to make our announcements to remind everyone about helping the RSPCA!
    From Prep K


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