Friday, June 24, 2011

Taking Action that Matters - Helping the RSPCA

We have been telling our school community about our action to help the RSPCA. Yesterday we presented our first announcement over the PA. Today our friends in Junior M (via skype) gave us some feedback to help us with our announcements and some ideas on how we could improve. Here is some of their feedback and some screen shots of our skyping session.

The announcements were good.
You didn't make any mistakes when you were talking.
I think you were very clear on the microphone (Jacob)
Travis thought we could speak up a bit louder.
Will thought we should make sure we don't have big gaps in our announcements.

Thanks Junior M for your wonderful feedback! Now we can improve our announcements.

Listen to our first group making their announcement on Audioboo!


  1. Wow Preps and Mrs K, there is so much wonderful learning there.
    I love that while you are helping the animals and the RSPCA you are also learning from each other. what a great idea to get some feedback from the Year 1/2's !
    Thanks for sharing (again)

  2. That is great Preps! It is not easy making an announcement over the speaker system. We think what you are doing for the animals is very kind!

  3. Well done Preps. You spoke very clearly and confidently. Helping the animals & RSPCA is such a worthwhile thing to do too.

  4. Mrs Molly and WillJune 27, 2011 at 9:56 AM

    Well Done Preps!! What a terrific Announcement! Some very valuable lessons being learned here I can see... and some terrific feedback from Junior M! You amaze me!!


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