Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wally and the Kittens - fun and adventure!


  1. Wow! Prep K. we love that Wally has some gorgeous new friends. We have a mascot too - his name is Marvin, and he would love to say hello to Wally.

  2. Wow!! They are so cute, I feel like taking them all home to live with me!! Hey, has anyone checked Wally's legs for nibble marks?

  3. Hi Anne
    Thank you for your comment - we all laughed! Eight rabbits would take ALOT of looking after!!

    We have looked at Wally's legs and there are no nibbles! (Will P)

    From Prep K

  4. Hello Room 2 Rockets!
    Thank you for your comment. Wally the giraffe is not our mascot he is visiting from New Zealand. Our mascots are Wattle and Wally the wombats. They are in New Zealand with our blogging buddies. We visited your blog and saw Marvin and we would love to meet him.
    Does Marvin eat bananas? (Caoimhe)
    Is he a cheeky monkey?
    From your friends Prep K

  5. Hi Prep K
    Thanks for your comment. We love your rabbits. They are funny and cute! We loved watching them play with Wally. They are very friendly. We also like watching the rabbits live.
    Can't wait for the next blog
    Prep T and Miss Tonelli


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