Friday, August 12, 2011

It's PJ Day!

Today was PJ Day. We wore our pyjamas to school and brought a gold coin donation to help the homeless people in Melbourne.
We had toast with butter, honey, jam and vegemite. The toast was yummy, delicious and scrumptious! We also brought our favourite bedtime buddies. We introduced our buddies to our Prep friends.  
Here is our first Wallwisher telling you about PJ Day.
We are taking action that matters!

Here we are enjoying PJ Day.


  1. Dear Prep K
    I have decided that I don't really need to come to school anymore - I can see and feel and learn all about it here on your blog ! Well, OK, I would miss seeing your faces, so I will come in next week. But thanks for sharing everything so I can keep in touch !
    Amazing, just a post ago you were talking about helping animals and now you are helping people - there is no stopping you.
    Mrs Coffa

  2. Hi Prep K and Mrs K

    Today in Melbourne has been the perfect day to wear your snuggly warm PJs to school!

    I bet you had lots of fun making and eating your scrumptious toast. I wonder which was the most popular out of vegemite, jam and honey?

    What a wonderful way to raise money to help our help our homeless people.

    Keep up your great work Prep K!

    Miss Y :D

  3. Hello Miss Y
    Thank you for your comment.
    Our favourite spread was honey - 7 Preps liked honey. (Kirra)

    We are helping the homeless because they don't have homes and beds to sleep in. (Andy)

    When I help people I feel proud. (Aerodyne)

    Have a great day
    From Prep K and Mrs K

  4. Thank you for your responses Prep K.

    Kirra,I think vegemite would be my favourite spread.

    Andy, we have a homeless person who sometimes sleeps outside our school in his sleeping bag because he doesn't have a home or a bed. We help him by letting him use a shower and giving him some breakfast in our staffroom.

    Aerodyne, you and all of your friends in Prep K should be very proud of your big effort to help people!

    Miss Y :)

  5. Dear Preps,

    When I look at your photos I can almost smell the toast. I bet you all had sticky honey fingers!

    You are really helping others!

    Mrs Yore

  6. Dear Miss Y
    We thought your story was sad and helpful. The people at your school are kind to help the man who sleeps outside your school.
    Thank you for sharing your story
    From Prep K

  7. Yes Mrs Yore - we had sticky icky honey fingers. We loved PJ Day!
    Thanks for visiting
    Love Prep K

  8. Hi Prep K, it looks like you had lots of fun at your PJ party. Did anyone forget they were at school and fall asleep?

  9. Hi Miss Mac
    With our bedtime buddies and our tummies full of toast, Mrs Kennedy was the one who nearly fell asleep!!
    Do you have PJ Day at your school?
    We had a wonderful day.
    From Prep K

  10. Hi Prep K

    Did you like PJ day? Did you like the popcorn?
    From, William

  11. Hi William
    We enjoyed PJ Day and we had toast for breaky.
    Thanks for your comment!
    From Prep K


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