Thursday, August 18, 2011

Quilting - a great way to reuse material.

We were very lucky to have a very special guest speaker come into the classroom last Wednesday to share with Prep S and Prep K. Will and Molly's mum came to show us a skill she learnt from her Grandmother. Genevieve showed us how to quilt and how quilting is a fantastic way to reuse old material to make a beautiful piece of family history.


  1. Hi Preps
    What a great way to learn about reusing old material. We made a quilt at the beginning of this year.

  2. Hello A4
    Thank you for commenting on our blog.

    We loved learning about quilting.

    How is Wally? Say hello to A3!

    From Prep K

  3. Hi Prep K, it looks like you learnt a lot about quilting. We drew our faces onto material at the beginning of the year and made a quilt for our classroom, there is even a square with Wally on it!

    Wally says hi, he has been very busy this term looking after the new children in our classroom. I hope Wattle and Wally are well.

    Miss Mac

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  5. Hi A3, Miss Mac and Wally,

    We did learn alot about quilting and how to reuse material.

    We learnt that you had to stitch the cardboard so that you can make the quilt soft. (Andy)

    We are glad that Wally is working hard.

    Wattle and Wally are as healthy as can be. (Molly)

    It was great to read your comment. (Andy)

    From Prep K

  6. Thank you for visiting our blog FireKing8,
    We love blogging because:

    we get to know what others are doing and to learn new things. (Caoimhe)

    we like to answer questions. (Jake)

    we can put on videos. (Georgia)

    We visited your blog and we like your pet dog Techno. We fed him.

    From Prep K


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