Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our Wonderful World

We are talking about how to look after the environment by recycling, reusing and reducing the amount of rubbish we make. Today the Preps were thinking about our wonderful world that God has created for us. We took photos of some of the gifts of creation around our school.
We were also practising our photography skills - remembering to hold the camera still, squeezing the button slowly, zooming in and out and taking a birdseye view.
We hope you enjoy our voicethread.


  1. Wow! Great job Prep K
    Your photos were fantastic, we like your camera skills. We have learnt alot from your blog. We aim to use voicethread soon so keep an eye out for us!
    From Prep T
    Holy Family
    Mount Waverley

  2. Thank you Preps, for reminding us how lucky we are for the gifts we have.

  3. Hi Prep T
    Thank you for visiting our blog. We have just learnt how to use voicethread and now we are able to speak very clearly and smoothly.
    We would like to visit your blog too.
    Have fun
    From your friends Prep K

  4. Wow Preps! Your photography skills are very impressive!


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