Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's Book Week! One World Many Stories.

Today we had a dress up day for Book Week. We came dressed as our favourite book characters. Here we are.....


  1. Preps you all look fantastic! Book Week is such a great time of year. Have you read any of the special book week books? Which one is your favourite?

    My school had our dress up day yesterday. We had so much fun. If you want to have a look at our costumes go to:
    We would love to hear from you.

    From Miss Gale

  2. Hi there Preps,
    You all look fabulous! You've all made such a great effort to dress up and it was so much fun watching you all at the parade getting up in front of everyone and saying who you all are, well done! I wish I could dress up as a Fairy, do you think I could squeeze into Georgia's outfit?

  3. Hi Preps,
    I love the costumes that you chose...Gemma

    Wonderful costumes Preps...I hope you read lots more stories! Have fun reading! Chloe

    I love your costumes...they inspire us to read more stories...Holly

    Best wishes from the Middle Matters

  4. Hello Anne
    Thank you for your funny joke. (Andy)
    I don't think you will fit in Georgia's costume because it is too small. (Sienna)

    We had a GREAT day!
    Love from Prep K

  5. Preps,
    What was your favourite Character of all of your Costumes?


  6. Hi Prep K
    You all looked wonderful in your dress-ups for Book Week! Were you as excited as Prep S? They were counting down the days. I wonder what your favourite Book Week book is? I wonder if it will be the same as ours. We will have to wait and see. See you tomorrow.
    Love Prep S and Mrs Swann

  7. Hi Prep K,
    You all looked fantastic in your owned choosen costumes to dress up for the Book Week. We are so proud to see you guys getting up in front and saying who you are with your confident and happy faces, well done! Try to read more books preps, so we can have a lot more favourite character custumes next time. We love you all ox

  8. Hi learning together!
    Amazing costumes for the book parade!
    I bet everyone had an awesome time, I never would have thought of such fantastic costumes!

    Well done!
    From Cameron Stefanec

  9. Hi Mairead
    We thought Hairy Maclary and Raggedy Ann were very good characters.
    Thanks for your comment!
    From Prep K

  10. Hi Prep S and Mrs Swann

    My favourite story so far is the Tall Man and the Twelve Babies. (Will H)

    My favourite story so far is The Deep End. (Sienna)

    My favourite story so far is It's Bedtime William. (Jake)

    What are your favourite stories?
    Love from Prep K and Mrs Kennedy

  11. Hello Amy

    We liked your comment.

    What was your favourite costume at the Book Week parade? (Sienna)

    We will keep reading books because we love reading books. (Kirra)

    Love from Prep K

  12. Dear Prep K,

    We thought the music you chose to go with your photos was awesome. We liked the pictures of you dressed up. Brendan in our class likes the Harry Potters. Joel liked Pirate Jake. Charlie O also liked pirate Jake too. Thomas likes your costumes. We were also so excited to get a comment from you about our Book Week work. We would love to keep in contact with you via our blogs.

    Love Prep B and Mrs Barwick

  13. Hi Cameron
    Thank you for visiting our blog and for your kind comment.

    I felt great about dressing up. (Jacob)

    Natasha was excited about Book Week.

    From Prep K

  14. Dear Prep K

    We are so happy that you sent us a message, now we got to see your fantastic costumes!
    We got to have a parade with our whole school. Did you?
    We can't wait for your next blog.

    Love Prep T and Miss Tonelli (and Hide & Seek)

  15. I love your costumes and your smiley faces! Don't you just love Book Week?

  16. Hello Prep K ,Thank you for your comments.
    Sienna, your princess custome was beautiful, I really really loved it. It's such a good taste!
    Had everyone seen the Snow White girl wandered around on the day? Had everyone thought she was wonderful with Snow white costume? If anyone think so, please let me know.
    Love from Amy Le

  17. Hello Mrs. Kennedy and Preps. We enjoyed visiting your Blog. We watched your movie of all the wonderful children dressing up as a story character. Have you seen the Tumblr of the koala yet? Mrs. K was very surprised when she went outside and saw it at the bottom of her garden. We like your Voki. We hope to put one on our Blog soon. We are in Year 1 and we would like to visit you again and see all the great things you are doing. We really like your theme.
    From Mrs. K and Room 4 at Craigburn Primary School.


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